Written by:Translated by:
Suda51Marc Laidlaw
Starring:Subtitled by:
Jean-Jack Gibson    Akio Otsuka    Artemio Urbina
Alice Gibson    Kikuko Inoue    Website by:
Little John    Hideo Kojima    Asher & Sr Pixel
Cristian Gainsbourg    Hochu Otsuka    
Steevo    Tetsuya Yanagihara    
Dominic Blackhead    Tomokazu Sugita    
Robin Goodman    Takehito Koyasu    
Lisa Nielsen    Yumi Kikuchi    
Freddy Nielsen    Suda51    
Music by:
Akira Yamaoka
Character Design & Artwork by:
Satoshi Yoshioka
Directed by:
Shuyo Murata
Planned & Produced by:
Hideo Kojima


Source material © Konami Digital Entertainment

There is no video. SDATCHER is a radio drama.

This is unofficial fan work intended to help promote SDATCHER and related titles to English-speaking audiences.

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